Upcoming Events

November 16, 2018

Upcoming Events

The Body Rx Challenge is your prescription to challenge you towards optimal health.  It is a time to focus on optimal food, sleep, hydration, fitness, nutrition and how YOU can affect change in how you LOOK, FEEL, & PERFORM through the choices you make. Twice a year CrossFit Scottsdale offers this challenge so that you can have the support, accountability, and coaching to help you truly make lifestyle changes. Take advantage of this opportunity now! Sign up at the gym now!


  • 12/20/2018 – CrossFit Scottsdale Connections
    CrossFit Scottsdale Connections is a monthly networking event where fellow CrossFitters, spouses, friends and colleagues can come together to enjoy lunch and learn about each other’s professions, to not only become a better supporter in the gym, but to help grow everyone’s business and network outside these walls.
  • 12/22/2018 – Level 1 “White Band” Test
    Come test your fitness skills at the Level I Test on March 22rd at 7pm at CrossFit Scottsdale. This test is for designed for students to test their level of fitness in 10 different exercises. For more information on the Level Testing, check out your Success Journal or click here.

By using a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional training tools and styles we make sure our workouts are effective and fun. With the wide variety of programs we have to offer, CrossFit Scottsdale has something for everyone!

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