Slow Down The Aging Process: Wear A Wide-Brimmed Hat!

November 26, 2020

Slow Down The Aging Process: Wear A Wide-Brimmed Hat!

I liked hats and wore them all the time in my 20s and early teens. My skin wasn’t intended to hide from the light. Funky hats I just liked.

I was reading an essay by a dermatologist years later in my 30s, which said that she never went outside without wearing a Large BRIMMED SUNSCREEN. And never did? And never did it? I would consider that I would consider this. She never worried that she never meant 5 minutes. She never said. She said she had no sunshine on her face at all during the day.

I looked at the woman’s photograph even more closely. She asserted that she was in her 1960s. She looked like she’s been in her thirties. Images would be re-touched, so it was not possible to learn for sure if she looked so young. It was brilliant enough, nevertheless to hold my attention and read me.

At that time, albeit not so faithfully, I was always wearing hats and certainly not so broad-borded hats only. I was wearing baseball caps, kangols, kufis, some kind of hat I felt I love with my outfit. I had used a sunscreen many times, but I didn’t always choose an SPF thirty or so and that’s the advice of the dermatologist.

When I was reading her and her success in maintaining a younger look, I decided that I too had to age exceptionally well. The day, I promised to do my very best to wear SPF thirty, or maybe even higher, a big bordered hat and sunscreen. It had performed really well fifteen years ago. My friends tease me. My friends tease me. You’re rolling your eyes. But the fact that my skin looks amazing for its age can’t disagree with them.

This One Thing Can Slow Aging by Ninety Percent

The dermatologist who wrote this article points out that shielding your skin from the sun is the most important thing people can do to help avoid ageing. Since then I have read doctors’ papers against this. Others point out that sleep is certainly the most significant factor for well ageing. Others say the most important thing is healthy nutrition. But what is “most” relevant doesn’t really matter; ageing demands extremely good behaviour. It should be one of your highest priority to protect your skin from the sun if you want to remain young in the later years. I certainly wanted to help prevent my skin from ageing, and I can say with confidence that it has been working with sunscreen and hats for more than fifteen years.

I cringe all day long when I’m out in sunshine, and I see young, smooth skinned women wearing no hats. Your skin will look older in 10 years. It is a shame that photographic ageing (ageing due to UV exposure) is preventable. And if you have a lot of melanin in your skin, you would be much older if you keep it from the light. An extra advantage: you can also defend yourself from skin cancer. If you don’t care about looking young, you can be convinced to cover up if you stay away from melanoma.

I know a magnificent woman who was a fantastic friend of mine in the late nineties. She was awesome. She was great. After not seeing her for 10 years (she and my boyfriend split up), I saw her a few months ago. While she’s still a beautiful woman, it was obvious she wasn’t willing to protect her skin from the sun. It looked very leathery and had blots and lines. She said I was always looking like it but it was clear she didn’t. Of course, such ageing is unavoidable, but ageing is not due to exposure to the sun.

Most of the time, wearing a hat is not for everyone. I know that. I know. Friends of mine refuse to do this and complain that they’re messing their heads, or they just don’t look good with their caps, or they may not remember having one. These same friends look shocked when I don’t age at the same pace year after year. They ask, knowing I have shared it with them but they just don’t want to listen. “What’s your secret?”

Cumulative damage to the sun. And in the case when you only leave there for a couple of minutes in the full sun and here, it adds up over time. You don’t realise that every day, but five years, you’ll look in the mirror and wonder how it came to be.

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To avoid sun damage is not too late. If you actually don’t use a sunscreen moisturizer that has an SPF that is 30 or higher, get it immediately and use it every day you are going to be outside. And the next time you go shopping, visit the Department of Accessories and pick up some big hats. You want the wide rim (3-5 inches) so the ball caps and the slightly bordered hats don’t shade your entire face. For winter and summer, you’ll want different hats. Finding big bordered summer hats is super simple. Broad winter hats are typically quite a chore but they can be accomplished. At Goal and at T.J. Maxx, I picked up a few excellent.

One last tip: don’t forget your Paws. Sun damage is also affected. Your hands will certainly give your age if you are young and you don’t start covering them. Every day wear sunscreen. You will always have some in your car and/or in your pocket so that when they are exposed to the sun you are always able to submit.

In many years’ time, you would probably be very glad you did in the event you start developing your skin care practice often! If you have a small sun damage, then this is what you can do, but it has been applied to a hat in the meantime! The process of ageing is not too late.

Wanting beauty and well-being, of course!

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