Shoulder Pads in 2019

May 7, 2019

Shoulder Pads in 2019

If your team uses the option and you are part of the running game, you should consider a shoulder pad made for running backs or defensive backs. These pads offer more protection for quarterbacks that are part of the team’s running offense. Skill positions If you play defensive back, tailback, wide receiver or option quarterback, you want a pad that’s lightweight and won’t slow you down, while still absorbing the hits that you will take

Kicking game Most punters and place kickers use quarterback pads since these are lighter and offer better movement Determining the Proper Size Shoulder Pads.

Cornerback Shoulder Pads and Safety Shoulder Pads are very similar to the Shoulder Pads worn by Wide Receivers. They are built so that they offer good protection but remain light enough so that the cornerback and safety can cover the fastest of receivers. Similar to linebackers though, the cornerbacks and safeties are normally in the top of the rankings when it comes to tackles so proper fitting Shoulder pads are imperative.

Covering receivers is not the only duty associated to a good corner or safety. On numerous occasions a defensive back is tasked with tackling running backs in the open field, and potentially with helping his fellow defensive players blitz the quarterback.

Below you will find Shoulder Pads specifically made for Cornerbacks and Safeties. Remember use the Coupon Codes above for even greater savings.

Our team of reviewers have scoured the net to find you the best deals on football shoulder pads, and we hope you find what it is you are looking for!

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