Proboise Appliance Repair

April 17, 2019

Proboise Appliance Repair

Apartment living is great. I have fantastic neighbors, I pay a reasonable price and I don’t have a lawn to mow or plumbing and electric to maintain myself. Frankly, I enjoy apartment living more than I could ever imagine enjoying living in a home that I owned and had to keep pumping money into just to maintain the investment. I really have trouble understanding how folks can both own a home and have nice things like a car, major appliances, cable, and the occasional steak for dinner.


Frankly, I’d say the only bad thing about apartment living is hauling stuff up several flights of stairs to get it into your apartment. That inconvenience means that when I get a bed or a dresser I hold onto it for years in an effort to not have to do all that heavy lifting. This is triple true for my heavy major appliances. Why would I go through the torture of replacing my Fridge when I can simply get a Frigidaire repair person to come take care of the old one? Who would go through the pains of getting a new oven or dishwasher when there is readily available and affordable Proboise Appliance Repair? Not me, man.


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