Modern Trends in Press Release Distribution

December 28, 2020

Modern Trends in Press Release Distribution

Since 1906 the key method used to hit the mass media with news has been the press release. A media communiqué long consisted of a piece of paper containing an info burst of news about the party that published it or maybe some events in the future. These sheets have been used as a basis for stories in newspapers and magazines. In theory, the text did not contain all the details to be purchased in the last report in the newspaper, but presented the raw materials with a sober summary of the truth, of which journals had produced an article far more suitable for public use.

These sheets were previously circulated between journalists during briefings and press conferences or even sent via electronic communication devices. Such an agreement was a costly undertaking; a large number of corporations could not afford to hold a conference with journalists and major media members.

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Nowadays, major news agencies and newspapers with extensive Internet coverage no longer hold the distribution monopoly. Today, small and medium-sized companies will disseminate their knowledge on the worldwide web. Private companies and organisations, after sending press releases containing their news to a distribution channel, have the ability to meet the customer right and are not interested to publicize information on small enterprises through major news agencies. Consequently, our interpretation of press releases has shifted.


Online technology makes it feasible to complement some kind of press release with details, a thing that was impossible in the past, because of the simplicity and accessibility of delivery. Modern releases can include photographs, video clips, electronic charts, PDF files, etc. A contemporary trend is to include and mark the different sites listed in the content in a business location map. Each marker offers a short description of the address, website, telephone and other specifications indicated. Usually, the publisher’s office is stamped on the globe, on the stores, in the venues of the events and somewhere else.

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As previously mentioned, news releases had only the pure facts in the past. Boring and dry was the vocabulary used. The goal of the release today is typically not only to reach the mass media but also to directly reach the latter person. In general, however, the contemporary reader is not interested in reading a monotonous and boring text. The conventional, dry listing of facts showed a contemporary theme. In general, the modern trend involves language which reminds one of a publicity, especially when the text is about a product or maybe a service. The text is also labelled with expressions, exclamation marks and wonder superlatives. The use of the third person was a big change. However, as with any prose, overuse of these devices is irrational. The sound of an ideal press release is similar to that of an advertisement, whereby the press release can be rejected spam and not circulated.

This means that the press release is not just an instrument for distributing news to the mass media but has gained a new importance in marketing services and products.

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