Kimk: A Fistful of Dollars Review

September 3, 2020

Kimk: A Fistful of Dollars Review

The movie Kimk: A Fistful of Dollars (also known as KIMK) is a fun movie that is well worth the watch. One of the funnier films out right now, the film is set during the post-World War II era and revolves around a pair of brothers, one of whom is the owner of the store that has been the center of all their family’s misery. With the help of some Mexican soldiers, these two brothers are able to sneak into a house to free their fathedr and free themselves from any further debt. However, before they even reach that final destination, they happen to run into a series of corrupt cops and a series of very bad men.

A Fistful of Dollars – Film Review

As the movie progresses the two brothers become involved in a series of schemes that involve robbing banks and other such institutions. These schemes lead to them running into the FBI agent in charge of finding out who did these crimes. As the movie goes on, Kimk begins to realize just how much he hates the people who are trying to hurt his family so much that he has decided to give them everything that they want, including his own wife and son. This eventually leads to him being killed in an explosion.

In the meantime, his brother Carlos must take over as owner of the store and is become the head of the family.

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