Chargeback Prevention

July 28, 2019

Chargeback Prevention

The goal of every business is to make money. As a merchant you work hard for every penny. To have that taken away from you months after the completion of a sale is frustrating and bad for the business. A merchant with too many chargebacks is usually a merchant headed for trouble. Chargeback Prevention auditors are ready to advice, counsel and work with, or for you to resolve your chargeback issues. We know the rules and regulations spelt out by the Associations and we will competently present on your behalf. We pride our selves in helping our clients rethink their practices so chargebacks don’t impact their profitability.

Every customer has their own set of needs. We first analyze your chargeback history, your present transaction practices and provide you with a Chargeback Report with our recommendations and set you up on our Case Management module so we can work your cases for as long as you want us to.


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