Cash house buyers Georgia

July 13, 2019

Cash house buyers Georgia

If you want to sell your house fast and at the best price it’s important to target your efforts where they will generate most buyer interest.  A good place to start is your own neighbourhood.  Many people are attached to the neighbourhood they live in because they’ve made friends, have family nearby or their children are in good schools in the area – however people often need to upsize or downsize for many different reasons.


Cash house buyers Georgia

Using leaflets and postcards to sell your property can be particularly effective in family areas, especially if you have a larger house that could accomodate growing families.

They can also be very effective in areas with a high proportion of students and young professionals who tend to move more often, even within a local area.

To sel your house quickly at a better price you need to:

  • Consider who you’re targeting
  • What about your property would catch their attention if they quickly glanced at a leaflet in their letterbox or a postcard in a shop window?
  • Use bold contrasting colours to be eye catching
  • Include a photo if you can
  • Make sure you’re phone number and the house address is in big font
  • Ask permission before you put them up in local shops

Printing costs will depend on your exact design.  Leaflet delivery starts from 3p per leaflet making it a very cost effective way of marketing your house for a quick sale, postcards should be hand placed by you so are even cheaper!

Thinking about who would be most interested in your house can help you target specific areas to speed up the process of selling your house fast:

If you have a family home then put postcards up around local schools

If you’ve got a flat that would appeal to young professionals, leaflet offices nearby

This is a great strategy to attract buyers in your area if you have a little flair for marketing yourself.

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