May 20, 2019

Not only are they sweet, but benefits of dates are uncountable.  In fact, dates are rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as an affluent source of natural fibers.  Dates are loved by almost everyone, and their cultivation dates back to 5th century B.C, where they grew along the Nile.  Dates are from the date palm and originated in the deserts of northern Africa and southwest Asia. Considering the immense date’s health benefits, it will be prudent to term it as the tree of life.


Different people have different ways of consuming dates, some mix the paste with milk, yoghurt or use it on bread.  Many add date paste to their food to enhance the taste.  Dates can be taken by everyone as there are no side effects.  It is especially appropriate to consume when one is recovering from any disease.  Dates health benefits are best due to its composition of all the vital nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.  Dates are very rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  The vitamins and minerals that are contained in the dates include folate, niacin, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and copper. Dates are lumps of nutrition that is ideal to stave off hunger, dates have the ability to ease constipation.   Dates are also valued for its protection from stroke and coronary heart diseases as they contain potassium which is vital in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Dates also improve the digestive system since it contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. Additionally, dates contain different kinds of amino acids which are very good in improving the digestive system.  Medjool is a brand of dates and Medjool dates health benefits include preventing different types of cancer. They are highly rich in antioxidants flavonoids which are good in protecting cells and body structures from oxygen free radicals. Therefore, you will be protected from prostate, breast, colon, endometrial, pancreatic and lung cancers.

Other Dates Health Benefits

Dates are rich in sugar, fats, protein and vitamins, with one kilograms of date with at least 3,000 calories.  This is why most Muslims partake in dates right after a day of fasting to get immediate energy.  Dates are also very rich in iron which is vital in treating anemia, caused by a deficiency of iron. For those suffering from intestinal disorder, consuming dates will cure any type of intestinal disorder as it contains nicotinic.  Nicotinic is necessary in controlling the growth of pathological organism and increase the growth of friendly bacteria.  Other dates health benefits include preventing night blindness, increasing energy level, fighting acidity, remedying alcoholic intoxication, strengthening tooth enamel, boosting libido and coping with diarrhea problems.  Dates when taken by pregnant women, helps to strengthen uterus muscles and decreasing bleeding during delivery.  For breastfeeding mothers, dates enrich breast milk with necessary nutrients.   Dates are available fresh or dried.  Dried dates health benefits are the same as those of fresh dates  but dried dates have the advantage of longer shelf life.

May 7, 2019

If your team uses the option and you are part of the running game, you should consider a shoulder pad made for running backs or defensive backs. These pads offer more protection for quarterbacks that are part of the team’s running offense. Skill positions If you play defensive back, tailback, wide receiver or option quarterback, you want a pad that’s lightweight and won’t slow you down, while still absorbing the hits that you will take

Kicking game Most punters and place kickers use quarterback pads since these are lighter and offer better movement Determining the Proper Size Shoulder Pads.

Cornerback Shoulder Pads and Safety Shoulder Pads are very similar to the Shoulder Pads worn by Wide Receivers. They are built so that they offer good protection but remain light enough so that the cornerback and safety can cover the fastest of receivers. Similar to linebackers though, the cornerbacks and safeties are normally in the top of the rankings when it comes to tackles so proper fitting Shoulder pads are imperative.

Covering receivers is not the only duty associated to a good corner or safety. On numerous occasions a defensive back is tasked with tackling running backs in the open field, and potentially with helping his fellow defensive players blitz the quarterback.

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April 17, 2019

Apartment living is great. I have fantastic neighbors, I pay a reasonable price and I don’t have a lawn to mow or plumbing and electric to maintain myself. Frankly, I enjoy apartment living more than I could ever imagine enjoying living in a home that I owned and had to keep pumping money into just to maintain the investment. I really have trouble understanding how folks can both own a home and have nice things like a car, major appliances, cable, and the occasional steak for dinner.


Frankly, I’d say the only bad thing about apartment living is hauling stuff up several flights of stairs to get it into your apartment. That inconvenience means that when I get a bed or a dresser I hold onto it for years in an effort to not have to do all that heavy lifting. This is triple true for my heavy major appliances. Why would I go through the torture of replacing my Fridge when I can simply get a Frigidaire repair person to come take care of the old one? Who would go through the pains of getting a new oven or dishwasher when there is readily available and affordable Proboise Appliance Repair? Not me, man.


March 24, 2019

The winds of change are blowing on the subject of medical cannabis, both in Tennessee and the nation.

February of 2019 brought the medical cannabis issue front and center politically, and it is common sense to expect smart politicians to want to avoid becoming swept away in the process.

This is especially relevant to those politicians running for reelection in Tennessee because medical cannabis is a bipartisan, multigenerational issue within their constituencies. It will be an exponentially more problematic issue to avoid facing one’s past voting records on the issue in the age of the internet and grassroots community activism.

In Tennessee on February 6th, a Republican sponsored medical cannabis bill was introduced (by Representative Jeremy Faison and Senator Steve Dickerson) to the profound relief of suffering and dying patients statewide. Meanwhile nationally, on the 23rd of the month the current administration’s statement by press secretary Sean Spicer on the subject of medical cannabis was extremely friendly, despite being much less so on the subject of recreational cannabis legalization.

It’s not a stretch to see that if Tennessee instituted a medical cannabis program, we could have a safe, non lethal alternative to opioid medications – one that 91% of people who try it never become addicted to– for Tennesseans in need of chronic pain management. It would be a literal life altering step for those suffering from other illnesses and conditions currently including, but not limited to, seizures, PTSD, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

It’s also a great way to lessen the damage caused by Tennessee’s number 2 spot in the national rankings for the amount of opioid prescriptions written.

Studies show that states with medical cannabis programs have an average drop in overdose deaths of around 25%, that is particularly important to Tennessee as it has lost 6,036 citizens to overdose death in the last 5 years alone.

Also note that according to recent studies, medical cannabis patients end up substituting cannabis for pharmaceutical medicines including antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, anti anxiety and pain management medications. This is extremely important to patients because it allows them to downsize on medications and the negative side effects of many medications, as well as having potential cost savings from the changes.

A recent national poll by Quinnipiac showed a 93% approval rating on the subject of medical cannabis by the American public. This shows that 9 out of 10 average citizens are in favor of giving people the added choice of safe, non toxic, cannabis medicine.

Hopefully this has been a wake up call for state level politicians across the nation on the subject of medical cannabis programs, especially in light of the current administration’s friendly stance on the subject of medical cannabis and states rights.

Many Tennesseans feel that in 2019, it is especially relevant because even polling numbers in our deeply conservative citizens are solidly in favor of a medical cannabis program in the Volunteer state.

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March 19, 2019

Since the Carmelo rumor’s legs didn’t strengthen we’ve got a new and more interesting deal, in my opinion, to mull over today. Check out the noise coming out of Bay Area this morning:

Joe Dumars, the Pistons’ president of basketball operations, gave notice after losing the Eastern Conference finals that no one on his veteran-laden team would be safe, and the source said Detroit is willing to divest itself of longtime stars Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups.

Wallace, like Davis an unrestricted free agent after ‘08-09, would give the Warriors their best true power forward since Chris Webber’s first stint in 1993-94 and has 3-point range that coach Don Nelson would love.

Since Wallace and Billups will combine to take home nearly $25 million in 2008-09, the Warriors would need to add more salary ballast to Davis in order to make the salary-cap numbers work.

One possibility in that role would be forward Al Harrington. A source close to the 10th-year forward said he is currently leaning toward requesting a trade from the Warriors this summer, although he will not make a final decision until after the draft.


I like this deal. If we have to part with guys this deal sounds fun. Baron is very similar to Chauncey in that he’s a big bodied dominant guard. I think Baron is a little better going to the rim than Billups. Chauncey may have the better long range stroke, but Davis is no slouch. Plus, this gives our PG of the future, Rodney Stuckey, one more prime time floor general to learn from.

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